Aug 30, 2023

Farcaster Migration to Optimism Mainnet

All Farcaster data indexed by Airstack has been migrated from Ethereum Goerli to Optimism mainnet.

While there will be no changes in the data returned or GraphQL schema structure, all Goerli-related input values will no longer return any Farcaster data on-chain.

Breaking Changes

On Socials API, Farcaster data will no longer be returned for dappSlug with the value farcaster_goerli and instead will return null as a response (see the response tab as an example).

query MyQuery {
    input: {
      filter: {
        dappSlug: {_eq: farcaster_goerli} # This will no longer return Farcaster data
      blockchain: ethereum
  ) {
    Social {

Migration Guide

To ensure that you are not affected by the change, simply replace farcaster_goerli with farcaster_optimism.

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