Learn what ERROR_004 is and how to resolve the error.


If you are getting this error, then it implies that there is an insufficient filter fields provided.

In other words, the input that you provided is either missing (if required) or have an invalid value.


ERROR_004 have variations, depending on the API you're calling and input you're providing. For resolutions, please check the table below for a case-by-case basis.


Address OR Name OR Symbol OR Type is Mandatory


Provide address to Token API.

Address OR Metadata Name is Mandatory


Provide either address or tokenId as an input to TokenNft API.

From Address OR To Address OR Token Address OR Transaction Hash is Mandatory


Provide at least one of either address, tokenAddress, or transactionHash as an input to the TokenTransfer API.

Name OR ResolvedAddress is Mandatory


Provide either name or resolvedAddress as an input to the Domain API.

Mandatory Fields are missing


Provide all the mandatory input fields for calling the API. For more details on which fields are required, check API reference.

Input Cursor is not valid


Make sure that you have the cursor input correct. For more details on cursor pagination, click here.

If you are not able to resolve ERROR_004, please report it directly to Airstack through Telegram or email us at

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