Get API Key

Learn how to get your Airstack API key.

Step 1: Create An Airstack Account

Go to Airstack Dashboard and click Sign In on the top-right corner of the page.
If you do not have an account with Airstack, this will create a new Airstack account for you.
Otherwise, it will login to your existing Airstack account.
A login popup will appear for you:
Login Popup
You have several options to login:
  • Email & Social
    • Email (passwordless)
    • Google
    • GitHub
  • Connect Wallet
    • Metamask
    • Coinbase Wallet
    • WalletConnect

Step 2: Complete Account Setup

Step 2.1: Setup Billing

After account creation, you'll be directed to setup your billing to claim 2.5 million free Airstack credit valued at $50.
To claim it, simply connect a wallet with ENS, Farcaster, or Lens:
Airstack Claim $50 Free Credits
Otherwise, you can continue without any free trial and directly add your card to be charged for any of your API usage.

Step 2.2: Setup Profile

Input your desired Username, Project name, and Telegram to complete your profile:
Airstack Complete Your Profile

Step 3: Get Production API Key

Once everything is set up, go to the settings page by hovering your mouse to the Profile icon on the top right and click Profile settings.
Profile Icon & Menu
Then, simply click the 3rd entry on the sidebar, View API Keys, and copy your Prod API key.

Step 4: Get The Test API Key (Optional)

Test API key will provide you with an API key that is free of usage charge. This is perfect if you need to use Airstack in your development.
The test API key is NOT suitable for production purposes because it is by designed to have a very low rate limit of 20 requests/min and bursts of 5 requests/sec, which is only suitable for testing purposes.
To get your test API key, you'll need to Add Card on the banner in the View API Keys page:
You'll be redirected to Stripe to add your card. Your card will not be charged until have exhausted all your free Airstack credits.
After a card has been added to your Airstack account, you will see that a new Test API key has been added to your dashboard.
Simply copy and use it within your test environment.

Developer Support

If you have any questions or need help regarding getting your Airstack API key, please join our Airstack's Telegram group.

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