😢Not A Token

Learn all about Not A Token and how you can earn it.

Not A Token is a points system that rewards the Farcaster community for creating great content and Farcaster developers for building great frames and apps. The following rewards are currently available:

  • Earn Not A Token for high quality casts and replies

    • You will automatically receive 1 NOTA for every 1 Social Capital Value your cast organically receives.

    • Social Capital Value (SCV) is a metric created by Airstack that scores each Cast based on the influence of the Farcaster users who engaged with the cast. Learn more about SCV here.

    • Not A Token for Casts applies to all SCV earned from 1-May, 2024 onwards. Older casts can still earn SCV from new engagement, however SCV received by casts prior to 1-May 2024 does not carry over.

  • Earn 10,000 Not A Token the first time you run an API call with Airstack. A connected Farcaster account is required. To sign up, click here.

  • Earn 100 Not A Token every time a unique Farcaster user uses your Frames as a developer.

  • Earn Not A Token whenever you swap tokens through Airstack Swap Frames or whenever someone swaps from a Airstack Swap Frame you share. Learn more and create and share a Swap Frame.

Each day $degen prizes are rewarded to Not A Token earners. Learn all about Not A Token & daily $degen prizes

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