Tokens API

The Tokens API retrieves high-level information on ERC20 tokens, ERC721 tokens (also known as NFT contracts, "Collections," or "NFT Collections," containing multiple tokens), and ERC1155 tokens (also called NFT contracts, "Collections," or "NFT Collections," containing several tokens).

Inputs & Filters

input TokenFilter {
address: # Token contract address on the blockchain (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
name: # Name of the contract (e.g. "Moonbirds"). Note that this will fetch all contracts with the name "Moonbirds"
owner: # # Identity: blockchain address, domain name, social identity of the owner of the contract
symbol: # Symbol of the contract (e.g. "BAYC"). Note - it will return all contracts that have the same symbol.
type: # ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155
Querying by name or symbol returns all contracts with matching data. These fields are not unique.


type Token {
address: Address! # Token contract address on the blockchain
baseURI: String # Returns the base URI
blockchain: Blockchain # Blockchain where the token is deployed
chainId: String # Unique blockchain identifier
contractMetaData: ContractMetadata # Token's contract metadata object
contractMetaDataURI: String # URI for the token's contract metadata
decimals: Int # Number of decimal places for the token's smallest unit
id: ID # Airstack unique identifier for the contract
lastTransferBlock: Int # Block number of the token's most recent transfer
lastTransferHash: String # Hash of the token's most recent transfer
lastTransferTimestamp: Time # Timestamp of the token's most recent transfer
logo: # Logo image for the contract in various sizes (if available)
name: # Token contract name
owner: Wallet! # **Nested query** allowing to retrieve address, domain names, and social profiles of the contract owner
projectDetails: # Off-chain data such as project name, description, website, Discord & Twitter
rawContractMetaData: # Token contract metadata as it appears inside the contact
symbol: String # Token contract symbol (ticker)
tokenBalances: # **Nested query** - allows querying Token Balance information
tokenNfts: # **Nested query** - individual NFT token data
tokenTraits: Map # Returns count of all token attribute types and values
totalSupply: String # Total supply of the token
type: Tokentype # ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155