Learn all the features available from Airstack Farcaster Channel Mods for you to configure your Farcaster channel moderation.

Farcaster channels now have two modes: Default & Moderation.

  • In Default Warpcast decides how to moderate your channel.

  • Turn Moderation ON to have complete control over whose/what casts appear in your channel feed.

When Moderation mode is on, only casts that are liked by either the moderator or co-moderators and casted by whitelisted users will appear in the channel feed.

To make that easy to manage, you can use our bot to auto-like casts on your behalf.

In addition, if you (channel owner) and your co-moderators would like to manually moderate the cast, you also have the option to do so by using the Not A Bot cast action.

Currently, the Farcaster Channel Mods feature is entirely FREE and Airstack is subsidizing it entirely.

Our goal is a better Farcaster. The better and bigger Farcaster gets, we’ll have more opportunities for revenue generation via new onchain models down the road.

Moderation Options

You can moderate your channels using any of the following criteria:

  • Power Badge

  • Is Followed by Channel Owner

  • Follows Channel Owner

  • Has a certain NFT

  • Has a certain amount of a token

  • > X Followers

  • Has in person POAPs (attended in-person events)

  • Has certain POAPs

  • Has a POAP

  • FID < X (for the OGs)

To make it easy for you we’ve created 3 default options for auto-including casts tagged into the channel:

  1. from users you follow

  2. from users with the Farcaster Power Badge (~5k top users)

  3. from users with Social Capital Rank <10,000. These are the 10k most influential members on the Farcaster network.

if you want to start with the defaults, all you need to do is click the Save button.

You can edit/delete the suggested defaults as you prefer and add other rules as needed.

Additionally, you can also choose to require either 'any' or 'all' of the rules to be met. For best practice, we recommend using any.


The following features are still in development for the channel moderation:

  • Backfill all previous casts and apply the rules in moderated Main channel feed

  • Logs

  • Analytics

  • CRM

  • Channel Passes

  • Channel ownership sharing

  • Revenue sharing amongst pass holders

  • DAO-like features

If you need any other rule, feel free to let us know in the Airstack channel on Warpcast.

Developer Support

If you have any questions or need help regarding any features from Farcaster Channel Mods, please join our Airstack's Warpcast Channel.

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