⛰️Airstack Explorer (No Code)

Try Airstack Explorer to check out the full capabilities of Airstack APIs. The Explorer also provides you with no-code solution to get started with Airstack in no time.

All Data in Single Dashboard

You can use the Airstack Explorer to fetch a wide array of data in a single dashboard:

NFTs, POAPs, Socials & ERC20 Balances

You can fetch the NFTs, POAPs, socials, and ERC20 token balances from a user.

Token & POAP Holder Analytics

You can get deep insights into the holders of a specific token or POAP, including:

  • Total number of holders

  • Total holders that have ENS

  • Total holders that have Lens Profile

  • Total holders that have Farcaster

  • Total holders that have XMTP enabled

No-Code Solutions

The explorer provide no-code solutions that helps you fetch any data you want from the dashboard, e.g. Token Balances, POAPs, Socials, Domains & XMTP.

By clicking on one of the options, it will redirect you to the API Studio directly where you will be provided with the query:

Fork The Code

The source code for the Airstack Explorer is open-sourced and can be accessed through GitHub and you can simply click here to fork the code.

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