Airstack AI

Learn how to use the Airstack AI effectively to quickly build queries for your use cases using natural languages.
The Airstack AI is a very powerful tool for you to build Airstack queries efficiently within seconds.
In this tutorial, you will learn:
Generating Queries With Airstack AI
Currently, Airstack AI is only available in Airstack API studio. In the future, we'll have this offered as an API service.

Best Practices

To get the best out of the feature, here are some best practices to follow:

Tip #1: Be Specific And Clear On Inputs

Start with the input and make it clear what's the input. For example:
  • For Farcaster user dwr, show their web3 socials and NFTs
  • For vitalik.eth, show their POAPs

Tip #2: Use Airstack Token Selector

Use @ to choose from a list of 10,000 popular Tokens, NFTs, and POAP events
If you are looking for a project that is not yet in our auto-complete @mention list, please let us know in the developer Telegram group. In meantime, you can always enter a contract address.

Tip #3: Use /help

Use /help to get an intro and learn more about the Airstack API and what data is available for you.

Try Examples

Make sure to type @ manually to generate the chooser. Do not just copy/paste.


  • Get all attendees of @Devcon5 who also attended @EthCC[6] - Attendee and their ENS
  • Get all holders of @moonbirds who also hold @BAYC
  • Get all holders of @nouns who also have >100 @USDC

ERC6551 Token Bound Accounts

  • Show the most recent 10 6551 accounts on ethereum, polygon, base
  • Show me all @Sapienz ERC6551 accounts and their balances
  • Show all ERC65111 accounts owned by @BoredApeYachtClub and the token balances
  • Show lens/@sapienz_0 ERC6551 accounts
  • Show me 6551 accounts created on July 12, 2023 on Ethereum


  • Check if betashop.eth has XMTP
  • Show all holders of @BoredApeYachtClub and if they have XMTP
  • Show all holders of @EthCC6 POAP and if they have XMTP

Token Balances, Identities, Transactions

  • For shnoodles.eth show all ENS, NFTs and web3 socials
  • Show all NFTs owned by lens/@stani
  • Show all transactions by balajis.eth within last 30 days
  • Show me all NFTs held by vitalik.eth on Polygon and the images of those NFTs

Web3 Socials

  • For vitalik.eth, show all of their ENS names, and their web3 socials -- this will return all of his ENS names, his Farcaster, and his Lens
  • For Lens user lens/@stani show all of their NFTS
  • For Farcaster user betashop show all his NFTs and their images
  • Get the Ethereum connected address for Farcaster user betashop, along with the profile creation date and recovery address
  • Get all of the ENS Domains owned by vitalik.eth

Token Holders + Identities

  • Show all @orangeDAO holders and their ENS and web3 socials
  • For @BAYC holders show all of their Lens usernames
  • Get tokens in the @BoredApeYachtClub and the traits of each NFT
  • Get the holders of @y00ts and their ENS names and Lens if they have one
  • Get the token holders of @purpleDAO and the Farcaster profile name of each holder, their Farcaster registration date, FID number, their connected address, and all NFTs they own


  • Get all attendees of @devcon2 and their web3 socials and ENS
  • For Farcaster user worthalter - show all their POAPs and web3 socials and ENS
  • Get all events attended by Patricio.eth
  • Show all holders of @orangeDAO and their POAPs

Token & Contract Data

  • Get the token metadata for @Matic
  • Get the token transfer history of the @Mutant Apes NFT Collection on Ethereum
  • Show me @Moonbirds NFT id 5555 image
  • Give me recent transfers of @DAI token
Please try asking the Airstack AI Assistant all sorts of questions and let us know when it falls short. We're training to be smarter and smarter