🎩Degen Chain

Learn all Degen Chain integrations across Airstack APIs, along with Frames tooling and Airstack Managed Subgraph Nodes.

The following APIs are currently available for the Degen Chain:

For all token-related APIs, you can easily use Airstack to fetch all ERC20 (including WDegen), ERC721, and ERC115-standard tokens deployed on Degen Chain.

Airstack also offers managed subgraph nodes where you can deploy your subgraph to index custom blockchain data and create GraphQL APIs for those data.

In addition, you can also fetch Degen Chain data to your Frames directly using the Airstack Frog Recipes, Middleware, and Frames SDK with just a few lines of code.

To start fetching data from the Degen Chain, follow these tutorials:

The following features are still in development for the Degen Chain:

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