Wallet API

The Wallet APIs deliver comprehensive data about a specific wallet address, including the tokens they currently possess, the domain names they own, their token transfer and sale history, and their on-chain social profiles (like ENS, Farcaster).
From the Wallet API it’s possible to create complex queries using nested queries, such as: Get the primary ENS, the Farcaster user name, the Farcaster connected Addresses, all tokens held by the wallet, all NFT Sales by the wallet, all token transfers.

Inputs & Filters

input WalletInput {
blockchain: Blockchain # Blockchain where the token is deployed
identity:# Identity: blockchain address, domain name, social identity


type Wallet {
accounts: # Nested query – return ERC6551 detail information on the account (if any)
addresses: Addresses! # return addresses associated with the identity input
domains: # Nested query - allows querying domains owned by the address
identity: # return identity passed from the input
nftSaleTransactions: # Nested query - allows querying NFT Sales by the address
primaryDomain: # Nested query - allows returning primary domains, if applicable
socialFollowers: # Nested query - return all followers of the wallet address (Lens & Farcaster)
socialFollowings: # Nested query - return all followings of the wallet address (Lens & Farcaster)
socials: # returns social profile information related to the address
tokenBalances: # Nested query - allows returning token balances
tokenTransfers: # Nested query - allows returning token transfers and related information
tokenNfts: # Nested query – allows returning all ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC6551 (token bound accounts)