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Quick Start & SDKs

Developer Essentials
  • Rate limits & API Keys
    • Without login: 50 requests / 5 minutes
    • Rate limits with Login and Free API Key:
      • Create a free account at with 50 requests/min, burst of 5/sec. You can find the key by clicking on your profile -> View API keys.
      • If you need a higher rate limit, please fill out this form to request an upgrade.
      • To pass the API Key enter "authorization" in the header with the key value as follows: {"authorization":"your_key"}
  • Record limit per API call: 200
    • We support cursor based pagination to retrieve the next set of results.
  • Please join this private Telegram group for direct access to the team
  • Latency. New Ethereum & Polygon transactions should be searchable on Airstack within seconds from the transaction finalization.
  • Pricing.
    • All Airstack APIs and services are currently provided for free.
    • We are focused right now on enabling developer use cases to flourish with Airsack. We're only charging right now for enterprise applications.
Airstack SDKs & Demo Apps You can use the SDK to integrate the Airstack APIs in React or Python. SDK functions:
- Handles the Auth key for all the requests.
- Hooks to make API calls.
- Hooks to take care of the paginations for any Airstack Query. Page cursor management will be taken care of internally.
- A component that renders the NFT images. Just provide the contract address, token Id, and chain name. It will load and render the image as per the view size. The details to get started are here