Learn how Airstack pricing will be implemented from October 2023.

Before Mid-October 2023

Airstack is available free of charge until mid-October 2023. (exact launch date tbd).
Our focus right now is to help developers achieve their desired use cases while we learn together and rapidly enhance the Airstack features.
If you need a rate limit increase, you can request one on your Dashboard's Manage Billing page.
The only exception prior to October is Enterprise usage, currently defined as having >50,000,000 API calls per month, who are subject to immediate custom pricing.

After Mid-October 2023

Airstack API use will be charged accordingly to the following guidelines:

1. Free to Start

  • It will cost users $0 to experiment, plan, and explore the Airstack APIs in totality.
  • A very generous free bundle of credits (X millions) will be provided to all users
  • Many users will be able to make use of the free credits for many months before encountering any charges. The intent is to only charge for scaling production apps.

2. No Pay-Walled Features

  • All API features will be available to all developers at all times
  • Unlimited use of Airstack AI for all users
  • All devs will get a high rate limit: 3000 requests per minute, bursts of 300 per second

3. Pay Only For What You Use

  • After you've exhausted your free credits, you will pay for to the value you are receiving, as measured in API calls/responses.
  • Each API request will cost a # of credits depending on the number of nested API calls/variables in the query.
    • A simple query with 1 input and 1 response variable = 1 credit. So, you would have to run that query millions of times to exhaust your free credits.
    • We'll provide a series of examples, simple calculators and in-app reports -- so you can build with confidence at all times
  • After the initial free credits, each additional credit will cost $0.00002, billed weekly based on your actual usage.
  • There are no flat or minimum monthly flat fees. You only pay for what you use.