😎Social Capital Value & Social Capital Scores

Learn what Social Capital Value & Social Capital Scores are -- and how they're used to fetch high-quality trending casts in the TrendingCasts API.

Social Capital Value (SCV) is a metric developed by Airstack to identify high-quality Trending Casts on Farcaster. The SCV of a cast is determined through the following process:

  • Each Farcaster user is assigned a Social Capital Score (SCS), which quantifies their positive impact on the platform.

    • This score is derived from a variety of onchain criteria. Users with higher SCSs have more positive downstream influence, as their actions and engagements tends to result in higher quality overall engagement.

    • User's rank for their SCS is represented by Social Capital Rank (SCR).

    • Currently, the SCS is powered by a proprietary algorithm from Airstack. This algorithm is kept confidential to prevent manipulation.

    • Over time, we aim to refine the SCS based on its performance and eventually release it as an open-source protocol.

  • The SCS of a user impacts the SCV of a cast when the user engages with it. The type of engagement also plays a role. The accumulated SCS of all interactions contributes to the cast's overall SCV. Casts are then ranked by their SCV, promoting higher-quality casts.

This methodology ensures that the most impactful casts are highlighted on Farcaster, fostering a constructive community environment.

You can fetch the SCS of any user and SCV of any cast via the Airstack APIs.

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